Why Your Website Needs NVMe SSD-powered VPS Hosting

November 13, 2023 / Hosting Server


As a website owner, it’s vital that your website operates smoothly, quickly and reliably regardless of how much traffic it is getting. For this, you need a high-quality hosting solution, and while several options exist, one that is increasingly gaining in popularity is NVMe SSD-powered VPS hosting. What makes it stand out is not just that it’s VPS hosting, but that the introduction of NVMe SSD takes it to the next level. In this post, we look at what its advantages are for your website.

A recap of VPS vs shared hosting

Before we begin to discuss the benefits of NVMe SSDs, it’s important to understand why VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting outshines shared hosting. With shared hosting, numerous websites share the resources (storage, CPU, RAM, etc.,) of a single server. While this setup makes shared hosting very economical, it can cause performance issues. For instance, if another site on your shared server experiences a spike in traffic, it can slow down your website. This is obviously not ideal for businesses that rely on their website’s performance.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, offers a dedicated portion of a server’s resources just for your website. Essentially, it is like having a mini dedicated server all of your own, but at a drastically reduced cost. As a result, you will have better performance, security and scalability for your website without having to worry about busy neighbours on your server.

Why use NVMe SSD-powered VPS?

While VPS is a significant step up from shared hosting, not all VPS solutions are made equal. The type of storage your VPS uses can greatly influence its performance, and this is where NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs play an important role. Here are their main advantages over traditional SSDs:

  1. Exceptional speed
    Traditional SSDs use the SATA interface, which was designed primarily for spinning hard drives (HDDs). Instead of using SATA, NVMe SSDs are designed to exploit the full potential of high-speed PCIe storage devices. This technology unlocks the huge bandwidth potential of the storage device, enabling it to handle millions of I/O operations per second (IOPS), vastly outperforming the IOPS of SATA SSDs. This results in significantly faster website loading times, making your users’ experience smoother.
  2. Enhanced scalability
    As your website grows and its traffic increases, it will demand more from your storage in terms of operations per second. NVMe SSDs excel in high-demand situations, ensuring that your site remains swift and responsive, even during exceptionally busy periods.
  3. Reduced latency
    The speed at which data is read or written directly affects website performance. As NVMe SSDs have a much lower latency compared to traditional SSDs, this ensures that data requests are handled at speed. This means faster back-end database retrievals and quicker front-end website loading.
  4. Parallel processing
    One of the issues with traditional SSDs is that they handle data requests in a linear fashion, and this can cause a bottleneck during periods of high demand. NVMe SSDs, on the other hand, are designed to manage multiple data requests simultaneously. This parallel processing helps prevent bottlenecks and ensures optimal performance, even during peak times.
  5. Reliability
    With fewer moving parts than traditional HDDs and advancements over traditional SSDs, NVMe SSDs have a longer lifespan and are less prone to failures. This means there are fewer concerns about potential downtimes or data loss.

More than just storage

The advantages of NVMe SSD-powered VPS don’t stop at blisteringly fast storage. At eukhost, servers equipped with NVMe SSDs come with superior hardware components and better overall infrastructure, including Intel Xeon processors. We also offer a choice of operating systems and control panels (cPanel or Plesk), advanced backup solutions and robust firewall security. What’s more, our NVMe SSD-powered VPS is a managed solution, has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and comes with 24/7 professional technical support. And if you need to get going quickly, you can set up a new server in under 90 seconds!


In today’s digital market, where split-second delays can result in a loss of potential customers, it is crucial that your website is able to operate optimally. While VPS hosting already offers a substantial upgrade over shared hosting in terms of performance, security and scalability, choosing an NVMe SSD-powered VPS takes your website’s hosting environment to new heights. With superior speed, efficiency and reliability, you can benefit from improved user satisfaction, higher search engine rankings and overall online success.

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Looking for managed NVMe SSD-powered VPS with top-notch infrastructure and the features mentioned above? Visit our Linux VPS or Windows VPS pages for more details.

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