How to create a domain in plesk

Plesk Reseller has many technical features which help windows reseller hosting about how to control everything from adding / removing hosting accounts to administering SQL databases. Plesk is the complete integrated server automation system which is used by any individual to increase features like a new, more intuitive end-user interface and its complete with its new version of Plesk features like integrated billing and SiteBuilder software. For a domain registration process you can use  Plesk to add your unique domain name through its control panel on a windows hosting. It is an easy and popular control panel for windows server hosting.

Now lets see how practically we could add a domain to a Plesk :

1) First use your Username and Password to Login into your Plesk control panel.

2) A successful Login will take you to the Parallel Plesk control where you can see different features and option to manage and maintain your hosting resources.

3) Click on the Domains you can find this option on the Dashboard of Plesk. Click on Create Domain to create a new domain for a website.

4) To create a new domain Enter Domain and required field for a new domain. Please leave mail and DNS options checked.

5) Enter FTP UserName and Password in the empty field of Hosting setting. Click next.

6) The new domain has been configured and ready for any kind of configuration.

7) You can set Frontpage extension for this new Domain and can grant permission to the user as well.

8) Click Finish and you have a new Domain and you can easily manage hosting resources for the new Domain.

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