How to create PHP website from Fantastico

January 1, 2011 / Web Hosting

PhpWebSite is registered under the open source license. It is designed and developed using PHP scripting language, and with the use of different libraries  of  PHP Extension and Application Repository called  PEAR. Phpwebsite is a  content management system called CMS oftenly used by associations and educational users. PhpWebSite is designed and developed to increase easiness to build and update websites. It is a customizable, modular package where every component can be installed, updated or modified by the phpWebSite administrator. PhpWebSite adaptation extends the user selectable themes and HTML templates. It performs functions like blogging, photo galleries, and customizing bulletin boards and feature-rich as dedicated web programs such as Word Press, Gallery Project, or phpBB.

It takes only few step to Install PHP website from Fantastico :

1) Launch your Fantastico application and logging with your Login details.

2) You will see a tab on the left side with different categories and in Content management you will find phpWebsite link.

3) Click on it. You will see a phpWebsite page with Logo and a link towards New Installation.

4) It will ask you to provide the name of the directory or you can left it blank for installation in the root directory.

5) Please enter Admin access data with Admin E-main ID to get all the details of phpWebsite installation.

6) Click on Install phpWebiste button. It will redirect you to a new button to Finalize the Installation with “Finish Installation”.

7) PhpWesite has been Installed successfully and you can configure it according to your needs.

8) Please click on the URL for trial and login with your Admin login details in phpWebsite Interface.

9) Your Installation has been listed on the script home page and you can Visit your site from this link or either remove it.

PhpWebsite is a powerful content management system with document manager, announcements, menu manager, photo album, block maker, FAQ, web page maker and many more.

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