How to Create Table in cPanel using phpMyAdmin

April 1, 2022 / cPanel & WHM

The following article will tell you how to use phpMyAdmin to create a table in cPanel.

Steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
    cPanel login
  2. Select the “phpMyAdmin” sub-option under the “Database” section.
  3. It will redirect you to a new page in a few moments.
  4. Select the desired database from the left-hand menu of phpMyAdmin.
    list of databases
  5. Scroll down to “create table” and enter the “Name” of the MySQL table in the name field and in the next box enter the “Number of columns”.
    create table
  6. Click on the “Go” button.
  7. Now, you will see a table appearing on the screen, enter the proper data in the boxes provided.
  8. Then click on the “Save” button.
    save it

This way you can easily make a table in cPanel using phpMyAdmin.

After creating a table and inserting data into it, it’s always good practice to take a MySQL backup to ensure you don’t lose any of your important data.

Feel free to contact eukhost support team whenever you need help. They are available 24×7.

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