How to Upload WebP Images in WordPress Using a Plugin

June 5, 2024 / WordPress

This article explains how to upload WebP images in WordPress using a plugin. The easiest way to upload new WebP images or convert your existing images to WebP format is by using a plugin for your WordPress website. If you are new to WordPress, we highly recommend using a plugin instead of doing it manually.

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Let us follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Plugins option on your WordPress dashboard and select “Add New Plugin.”
    Plugin>Add new plugin
  2. In the search box, type “WebP.”
  3. Choose one of the plugins from the results and click the Install button. For this example, we will use Imagify.
    Install now
  4. Once installed, it is time to configure the plugin.
  5. Go to your WordPress dashboard’s settings and select Imagify. This will take you to the Imagify settings page.
  6. The plugin will first request an API key. You can easily obtain one by clicking the “Create a Free API Key” button.
    Create a free API key
  7. Enter your email to get the API key.
    API key
  8. You will get a “Congratulations” message as soon as you enter the email id.
  9. You will obtain the API key via email. Enter it into the available box.
  10. You will receive a confirmation message that the API key you entered is valid and that you can now configure the Imagify settings to optimize images.
    API key
  11. Now, the optimisation settings will be available. Scroll down and check the relevant boxes.
  12. Don’t overlook to press the save button to apply your settings.
    Save changes

We hope this guide empowered you to easily upload WebP images in WordPress using plugin. If you have any questions, our support team is always available!

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