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cPanel/WHM Licensing changes

cPanel/WHM Licensing changes

You may be aware that cPanel recently announced a change to the way they license their control panel, from a  “per server” to a “per account” model, they also advised us that all existing licenses will be migrated to this new model with immediate effect.

You can read the full announcement here:

As the licensing cost will now depend on the number of cPanel hosting accounts regardless of their status, we are advising all server clients with cPanel/WHM to audit their hosting accounts within WHM and to delete any unwanted accounts.

We are currently in the process of determining the impact this change will have on our clients and will be contacting those affected within the next 48 hours,  in the meantime we have created the FAQ below.

How does the new pricing structure work?

If you have a virtual or dedicated server running cPanel/WHM then depending on the number of accounts your license will fall into one of four tiers:

License TypeNo. AccountsMonthly Cost
Admin (Virtual Servers Only) Up to 5 $20 USD
Pro (Virtual Servers Only) Up to 30$30 USD
Premier Up to 100 $45 USD
Premier + Bulk101+$45 USD for the first 100 accounts then an additional  $0.20 per account thereafter.

*The pricing above is based on the cPanel list price and should be used as a guide only. Our new pricing structure will be released shortly.

Up to 100 accounts your license will fall into one of the first three three licensing tiers, once you reach the 100 account cap all additional accounts are charged at an additional  rate of $0.20 each.


Dedicated server with 150 accounts

First 100 accounts: $45 (premier tier)
Additional 50 account: $10 (50 x $0.20)
Total monthly: $55

How is an account defined?

An account, often called a “cPanel user” or “cPanel account”, is an account that is used by an end user to log into the cPanel interface to manage their website or email. The root administrator or reseller typically creates these accounts. Accounts are listed within WHM under the list accounts menu item.

How do I check which how many account I have?

If you login to your WHM control panel and click list accounts this will provide a total number of accounts figure, you can then check this against the chart above. 

I resell hosting, do accounts created by my re-sellers count against my allocation?

Yes, even accounts created by your resellers will count against your allocation.

Do DNS only and Email Only accounts count against my allocation?

Yes, all accounts regardless of type count against your allocation.

Do suspended/Inactive accounts count against my allocation?

Yes, all accounts no matter the type or status will count against your allocation so good house keeping is going to be essential for many clients.

I can’t afford these new fees, what can I do?

The first thing to do is to make sure there are no unwanted accounts within your WHM account and to deleted them where possible.

If you have multiple websites that can be consolidated under a single cPanel account then this is also a good way of reducing the number of accounts.

If after doing this you still feel the pricing is too high then you there are alternative control panel options the most popular of which is Plesk, for most customers this will be a more cost effective option.

If you wish to migrate to Plesk please contact our team and we will be happy to help.

Will you be offering other control panel options?

In short yes, we intend to widen our portfolio of control panel options as soon as possible.


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