The Changing Face of Web Development with Artificial Intelligence

April 5, 2019 / Web Development

The Changing Face of Web Development with Artificial Intelligence

Long ago online developers created websites using HTML and a few lines of code as websites were simple pages of text and few pictures. Then came developments that enabled websites to include graphics and animation. Today we have reached the stage where artificial intelligence is beginning to automate web design work and understand user experience.

According to a study by Gartner, customers will have 85 % of their relationships with organizations managed without human interaction in 2020. This means that they will be interacting with Artificial Intelligence machines that will manage these relationships. This process is already underway and we can see it around us in chat-bots on various websites, Cortana on Windows and Siri on Apple. Similarly, Rankbrain of Google is an example of AI providing the most relevant answers to users queries.

Web development is today increasingly focused on developing the experience for the end-user. Irrespective of the size of enterprises, the power of  Artificial Intelligence is sought to be harnessed by everyone to provide a personalized and interactive experience to their customers.

Let us take a look at how Artificial Intelligence is changing the arena of web development.

Predictive Replies in  Web Development

A predictive reply consists of a response to a users query by a machine. However, a machine does not understand human emotion and this is where artificial intelligence comes in. Artificial intelligence can understand the emotion and intent behind the query and reply accordingly. One such example is the “smart reply” option in the Gmail app that predicts the responses that you might want to send in response to a mail you have received. Using algorithms of machine learning chatbots powered by AI  three to four-word responses are shown to you and you can choose the most appropriate response to send. Similarly, chatbots with AI behind them interact with users in a natural way and leave no scope for misunderstanding. Thus, AI is helping create better web applications and websites that interact with people in a natural and efficient manner.

Machine Learning is helping websites learn user behaviour

Machine Learning is an element of  Artificial Intelligence that has also evolved a lot and is helping to personalize for customers and customize websites. You might have seen on websites like Amazon that once you buy something or have browsed for something, there are further recommendations to purchase or check out something. This is machine learning at work. It basically analyzes what you have been searching for and based on your previous behaviour predicts and adjusts messages that it displays to you. Apart from this machine learning helps to analyze patterns and find hidden insights. Thanks to mathematical calculations of big data it can also help in predicting future problems and preventing them from occurring.

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Helping in sending out the right messages

Marketing revolves around the mantra of the right message reaching the right buyer but accomplishing this is easier said than done. How do you ensure that each person who has engaged with your brand gets the right message? Artificial Intelligence is the answer again. Artificial Intelligence has algorithms that scrutinize and analyse the data of competitors and gather information about the target group, their choices and likes. This can help to curate the content that is relevant to the individual users and also provide the answers that users have been looking for. What does this mean for you? More customer engagement and more conversions.

Helping Customers get a personalized experience

Since artificial Intelligence helps to analyze and predict customer’s behaviour, you as a business can understand the needs of your customers more and take a more personalized approach to reach out to them. Shopping suggestions, discounts, and deals can all be tailored to the customer. In the days to come, AI can even give more focused predictions about demand and increase sales.

Voice programming will get better

Artificial Intelligence has entered our households in the form of devices such as Alexa from Amazon. From scheduling meetings,  checking the status of smart devices at home to switching off lights and fans, Alexa is the virtual assistant that can do it all.  The AI here is such that the device learns your voice, your choices and more. This same concept is gradually being applied to the web as well where e-commerce businesses are going to use it to help customers shop in a smart way.

Web Programming Will Improve With AI

Web programming is one area where AI can be used very productively. Tasks such as addition and updating of the database, identification of code snippets that will solve a problem are areas where AI will be useful. AI algorithms will help develop codes that alter themselves without any manual interference. This, in turn, will to create new apps and bots that will be more intelligent and responsive than code by humans.

As the intelligence in web design and training gets better, the results will get better.

Web Design Will Improve with AI

 AI tools can help to take care of the constant gap of skills between web designers and web developers. Most web designers would admit that they are not great developers and vice versa. AI tools such as a virtual assistant can streamline the entire design and development process.

The virtual assistants ask questions from the user perspective and get the answers from people. Based on this information, they can offer a custom experience to each user.

AI can help in gathering SEO specific insights

 Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most crucial part of the puzzle that helps a website gain visibility. AI can help in mining data and build predictive engines that will help developers look for problems in a website’s structure and also identify content that is not SEO friendly. The end result will be SEO friendly content and an SEO optimized web design.


There is no denying the importance and utility of Artificial Intelligence as it brings organization and people closer. AI has already entered our homes too lending us a virtual hand. In the coming years, we can hope for more of the same and look forward to AI being an integral part of our lives.

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