How To Solve “Can’t Access a WP-Admin Page” issue

May 17, 2024 / WordPress

If you are having trouble accessing the WP-Admin page of your WordPress site, there are several potential causes and corresponding solutions to resolve this issue.

Here is a complete guide to troubleshoot and fix the problem:

  1. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies-
    Sometimes, browser cache and cookies can cause issues with accessing the WP-Admin page.

    1. Clear Cache: Go to your browser settings and clear the cache.
    2. Clear Cookies: While in the browser settings, clear cookies connected to your website.
      Clear browsing data
  2. Check Your Internet Connection-
    1. Confirm that your internet connection is stable and working correctly.
      Check internet
  3. Disable Browser Extensions-
    Some browser extensions can restrict with website functionality.

    1. Disable Extensions: Momentarily disable all browser extensions and try accessing the WP-Admin page again.
  4. Check for Maintenance Mode-
    If your site is in maintenance mode, you may be locked out.

    1. Disable Maintenance Mode: Using FTP or a file manager, remove the .maintenance file in the root directory of your WordPress installation.
      Maintenance mode
  5. Rename .htaccess File-
    A corrupted “.htaccess” file can stop access to the WP-Admin page.

    1. Retitle .htaccess: Connect to your server through FTP and retitle the “.htaccess” file to something like “.htaccess_old”. This will deactivate it and you can check if you recover access. If it works, you can create a new “.htaccess” file by saving your permalink settings in the WordPress control panel.
  6. Disable Plugins-
    A plugin conflict can often cause access issues.

    1. Disable Plugins: Access your WordPress files through FTP and direct them to the “wp-content” folder. Retitle the plugins folder to “plugins_old” to disable all plugins. If you recover the right of entry, retitle the folder back to plugins and reactivate plugins one by one to classify the offender.
      disable plugin
    2. If you don’t have FTP access, you can disable the plugin with cPanel. This is a good alternative method to disable plugins without wp-admin access.
  7. Revert to Default Theme-
    A theme clash might be the problem.

    1. Change Theme: Using FTP, direct to the “wp-content/themes” folder and retitle your active theme’s folder. WordPress will backslide to a default theme (such as Twenty Twenty-One). Check if you can access the WP-Admin page. If you can, the problem lies with your theme.
  8. Increase PHP Memory Limit-
    A low PHP memory limit can cause issues.

    1. Edit wp-config.php: Add the below command to your wp-config.php file:
      define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');
  9. Check File Permissions-
    Improper file permissions can block the entry.

    1. Set right Permissions: Using FTP or your host’s file manager, confirm your WordPress files have the right permissions (usually ‘755’ for folders and ‘644’ for files).
      Change permissions
  10. Scan for Malware-
    Various issues are caused by malware, including access issues.

    1. Malware Scan: Use a security plugin or a service like Sucuri to scan your site for malware.
  11. Update WordPress and PHP-
    Running outdated software can cause compatibility problems.

    1. Update WordPress: Make sure you are using an updated version of WordPress.
    2. Update PHP: Confirm with your hosting provider to guarantee your server is running a suitable and compatible PHP version.
      WordPress updates
  12. Check Server Logs-
    Server logs can offer insights into what might be going immoral.

    1. Review Logs: Access your server error logs through your hosting dashboard or ask your hosting provider for help.
  13. Contact Hosting Provider-
    If all the above solution fails, your hosting provider might be able to support you.

    1. Get Support: Get in touch with your hosting provider for help. They can check server-level problems and help you recover access.
      tech support

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and resolve the issue stopping access to your WP-Admin page. If you still have any issues, contact our support team.

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