Advantages and Disadvantages of Server Clustering

May 25, 2011 / Security and Privacy

Server clustering is a form of attaching number of servers into a group, which works as a redundant solution. Server clustering is useful, when a single server fails within the cluster of servers. Bringing multiple servers together to form a cluster offers more power, strength, redundancy and scalability.

The server clustering concept ensures the round the clock availability to the online businesses, even if there are some major issues going on with a server within the cluster. The server clustering is a successful solution implemented in many web hosting services, despite the fact that it has also some limitations.

In this article, we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of server clustering.

Advantages of Server Clustering

  • Server clustering is specifically designed for high availability solution. In case, if a server is having a problem another server from the cluster takes over the server having issue. This ensures the high availability of the web applications.
  • Server clustering is completely a scalable solution. Resources can be added to the cluster accordingly.
  • If a dedicated server from the cluster requires maintenance, it can be stopped while other servers handles its load. Thus, makes the maintenance more easier. The clustered servers can be configured and managed easily without any trouble.

Disadvantages of Server Clustering

  • Server clustering usually requires more servers and hardware to manage and monitor, thus, increases the infrastructure. Some web hosting providers may afford it.
  • Server clustering is not much flexible, as not all the server types can be clustered. There are many applications which are not supported by the clustered design.
  • It is not a cost-effective solution, as it needs a good server design which can be a bit expensive.

Though there are some disadvantages of server clustering, it is still a great way to ensure round the clock availability for your business which is affordable only by large organizations and businesses.

Both the advantages and disadvantages should be considered before opting such clustered solutions.


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