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February 24, 2022 / Security and Privacy

It’s not surprising to see that, security has always played an important role in the past and so does it in the modern age as well, only the mediums and tools have changed.

This for was sure was due to the evolution that even the dark world went through in trying to find newer techniques to steal data for illegal purposes. Even today, experts struggle to find newer, better and more advanced ways of dealing with Digital Security. It you own an online business that holds crucial data such as customer banking and credit card details etc., it is crucial that you keep it in an encrypted form. If it hasn’t been done yet, this may prove to be a big mistake.

Most organizations now-a-days have started to adopt serious measures to secure their data kept in a digital format. Though, despite all these measures no one would claim that it has been 100% secured as newer techniques evolve each day which may be better capable to serve illegal purposes. Yet, it is always better to have the latest security measures in place so that atleast most of the known threats can be tackled efficiently.

If we think of the years when there was no digital media nor technologies to save the data in an electronic media, all the crucial information was printed on paper and stored in lockers, racks, shelves etc. which were located in cabins of the concerned officials.

Only the concerned people used to have the keys to these cabins. These were the traditional security measures adopted by the people then. Yet security was compromised where no trace about who stole a certain document was left behind. This made it even worse to track the culprit and the end result was a stolen data which could not be retrieved whatsoever. But today, in this digital age despite if a data theft occurs, if you have the right measures implemented in your organization, you can not only trace the thief but can also retrieve the stolen or deleted data. All you need to do is get your crucial data backed up on an off-site server by choosing a backUp plan offered by a reliable web hosting company.

So, even if a fraudster gets access to your confidential data and deletes it for some reason, you have the right tools to retrieve it. Though this is just a measure that helps you retrieve data when lost, there are a number of techniques that can keep the bad guys away from even reaching near. If you have a website that accepts clients personal details or credit card information, an SSL Certificate can be one of the ways to keep the fraudsters away from accessing the data, even if they do get the access, since its in an encrypted format they wouldn’t be able to understand it proving to be a useless crap to them.

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In the process of evolution, the traditional paper based documents, floppy disks, computers have been replaced by Servers or to be more specific about the latest advancement the Cloud Servers. So has there been a transformation in communication mediums, from print mails to emails, trunk calls to VoIP’s, etc. but despite these advancements, even the wireless networks are being compromised for security, hence using a system for encryption has become one of the core necessities for security. Not to mention about how locks can be broken, and keys either physical or digital can be imitated.

In short, you just cannot be sure about how much secure is actually secure. Your data maybe at risk, hence few organizations prefer to install multiple layers of security and fine tuning the systems to draw-back every single possibility of an attempt.

Luckily, technologies have evolved to a degree where most of the deadly threats can be tackled effectively and your data can be kept safe from falling into the wrong hands. You can read here some ways to prevent your website from being hacked. Also, it’s common question that people usually ask is Where should an SSL be used.

It is usually seen a breach in security during festive seasons, where cyber criminals and scammers are on a hunt to take advantage of a weakness in a website. Hence Avoiding Cyber Crimes & Scams During Festive Seasons becomes a priority as well.

Following are a couple of measures that you can adopt inorder to reduce Security Risks for your website.

  1. MAKING SECURITY a Core Component of Infrastructure
    Vulnerability scans, patch management, antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention, wireless security and authentication is something that every organization should implement withing an operational infrastructure. Many consider them as security tools, while the fact is it should be considered as an infrastructural tool.
  2. Segmented Networks
    In this, businesses can ensure that the damage doesn’t get spread across the system but stay within the affected regions, further reducing the span of impact on your other business processes.
  3. Log Management
    Businesses can fine tune this system into an early warning system. It isn’t always true that a threat is kept away everytime, it may attimes enter your system long before you actually know about its existence. Here the log management can come in handy with identifying the threats early and taking appropriate measures to passify it early.
    It has been observed recently that an increasing number of businesses have started to implement encryption systems for securing their sensitive and private data.
  5. Keeping a Backup Plan
    Ready Businesses must analyze the past experiences in dealing with security concerns and design a fool-proof strategy, something which can be used incase of emergencies such as breach and deletion of data.
  6. Anti-malware software
    It is considered to be a primary stage of protection for any computing machines connected to Internet.
  7. Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
    We are aware about the destruction that a virus can cause to a system.
  8. Suspicious Emails
    Refrain from checking emails received from suspicious sources. More importantly, don’t open attachment enclosed in such mails.
  9. Offsite Backups
    It is important that you ritually take backup of your crucial data on offsite servers.
  10. Check permissions
    We can see that many websites have Facebook plugins into webpages, it is important to check the permissions allocated to such external sites.

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