Creating a Backup Plan in Acronis

August 3, 2022 / Acronis Backup

With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a backup plan in Acronis. Installing a backup agent on your server will enable you to create a backup plan.

Let us follow the steps to create a backup plan in Acronis:

  1. log in to Acronis Cyber Protect Portal.
    Acronis Cyber Protect Portal
  2. Choose “Devices” and the sub-option “Machines with Agents” under it.
    Machines with Agents
  3. Select the tick box next to your server.
    local host
  4. Click on the “Protect” option from the left-hand side of the screen.
  5. Click Create plan > protection.
  6. Fill in the following details:
    1. Give your plan a name by clicking on the edit editicon.
    2. Your plan will be populated with default settings, you can change these now:
    3. What to backup:
      1. Entire machine: Backs up the whole server.
        1. NOTE: If you are using the Plesk or cPanel plugins you must use this option.
      2. Disk/Volumes: This lets you select individual disk partitions for backup.
      3. Files/Folders: This lets you select individual files and folders for backup.
    4. Where to back up: Select Cloud Storage.
    5. Schedule: Click the Current date to change.
    6. How long to keep: This option allows you to select how long backups are kept for, not the longer you retain the backup the more storage will be required.
    7. Encryption: Enables at rest encryption of your backup data,
      1. IMPORTANT: If you enable encryption, ensure you don’t lose your password, if you do your backup will not be able to be recoverable, use it with care.
    8. Application backup: This allows you to select application-aware backups.
      1. NOTE: Some application-aware backups require additional licensing, contact our support team for further details.
    9. Backup options: This option allows you to edit advanced settings, it is recommended you don’t change these.
  7. Once you have entered your settings click “Create”.
    create protection
  8. If you want to take a backup immediately rather than waiting for your schedule you can click on “Run Now”.

This way, you can create a Backup Plan in Acronis. Irrespective of the client system, Acronis stores data in a consistent backup format to make it simple to recover from any platform. Contact our support team whenever you need to if you run into any problems.

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