How is the WordPress Plugin Development Workflow

December 18, 2023 / WordPress

In this article, we have explained how the WordPress plugin development workflow is.

Follow the steps:

  1. Generate your custom application. That is the plugin’s backend code.
  2. Develop the interfaces and additional files for your plugin.
  3. Craft an installation script responsible for registering your plugin with AppConfig and executing various necessary tasks.
  4. Generate the AppConfig configuration file for your plugin.
  5. Package your plugin’s files into a compressed format for distribution, preferably a tarball (.tar.gz) for simplicity in sharing.
  6. It is advisable to include the application source files, AppConfig configuration file, an upgrade script, and an installation script in the compressed file.
  7. Share your plugin. In cases of distribution across multiple servers, system administrators should undertake the following manual actions-
  8. Extract the contents of the plugin’s .tar.gz file.
  9. Execute the installation script.

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