How to change MySQL database user’s password from cPanel

April 21, 2021 / MySQL

The process of changing MySQL database user password from cPanel is described in this article. Let’s follow the steps to change the MySQL database user password from cPanel:

1. Enter in your cPanel account.

2. You will enter into the cPanel homepage. Select the “Database” section and click on the “MySQL Databases” icon from it.

3. Find the user whose password is to be changed under the Current Users option and click on “Change Password”

4. You will find the “Set MySQL user Password” option. Type the password, again type password and check the password strength. Password “Strength” should be very strong concerning security. You can also generate a password using a “Password Generator”.

5. Hit the “Change Password” button.

6. You will get a message that you have successfully set the user’s password.

In this manner, the MySQL Database user’s password can be easily changed from cPanel.

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