How to Configure and Test Email Filters in cPanel

March 10, 2022 / cPanel & WHM

The following article explains how to test an email using email filters after creating it.

Follow the steps:

1. log in to cPanel.


2. Click on the “Email Filters” from the “Email” section.

Email Filters

3. Select the account for which you wish to test.

4. Click on the “Manage Filters” under “Actions”.

Manage Filters

5. Find the “Current Filters” section, select the filter and then click on the “Test Filter” button.

Current Filters

6. You will get “Filter Trace Results”.

Filter Trace Results

You can test the Email Filters in cPanel this way. Hopefully, you are now able to test email filters in cPanel on your own. We have a fantastic support team that is always glad to help you.

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