How to Create a Mailing List in cPanel

June 16, 2023 / cPanel & WHM

This guide explains how to create a mailing list in cPanel. Mailing lists lets you to use a single address to send mail to various email addresses. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to create a mailing list in your cPanel account.

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Select Mailing Lists” option from the  Email” tool.
    mailing list
  3. In the List Name box, type the name of the mailing list.
  4. Choose a domain name and generate a secure password.
    password generator
  5. Choose between two access types for the new mailing list: public (where subscriptions are available) and private (If subscriptions are no longer available, where the subscriptions are approved by the administrators).
    mailing lists
  6. To create a new mailing list, click the “Add” button.

In this way you can create a mailing list in your cPanel account. For assistance contact our support staff anytime.

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