How to create an image gallery in WordPress

June 13, 2011 / WordPress

The gallery function is a default function available in WordPress. Numerous image files can be added to an article which can be presented as a gallery.

Steps to Create Image Gallery in WordPress

Step 1 : Assuming that you are in the admin area of your blog, click New Post.


Step 2 : Click on “Add Media” button, it can be found above the WYSIWYG editor menu.

Add Media

Step 3 : Proceed to Create Gallery on the left-side and add images to the gallery either by uploading images from computer or choosing images from the existing Media Gallery.

Media Gallery

Step 4 : After selecting the images, click on the Create a new gallery tab on the bottom-right.

Create a new gallery


Step 5 : A new window named Edit Gallery will open where you can give a caption to your images, changes settings or rearrange the images.


Step 6 : After rearranging the images, proceed to Insert Gallery button.

insert gallery

Step 7 : With this, your media uploader will close and you will  see a box in post edit area indicating that there is gallery code in the visual editor.

Image gallery code

Step 8 : Hit the Publish button for enabling others to view it.


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