How to Post on WordPress Directly from MS-Word.

December 11, 2013 / WordPress

We are all aware of the various tricks which one can use to utilize MS-Office for doing unusual tasks. Today I’m going to share a similar trick which you can use for posting on your WordPress blog right from Microsoft Word itself.

Yes, this is possible! You can create your post and publish it on your blog from the MS-Word interface without opening the browser or going to your blog. It only needs you to be connected to the internet.

Step 1.

Open MS-Word and click on the office button and click on NEW. Here select the ‘New Blog Post’ option and click on create as shown in the picture below.

Step 2.

Once you create the new blog post you would asked to ‘Register’ your blog and select the blogging platform which you use on your blog.

Here you need to fill in the details of your blog and populate the fields with the logins details of your blog. Once you do this your blog would be registered and you would be able to post.

Note: While registering you can also choose the ‘Picture Options’ which specify where you want the pictures in your post to be stored. You can store them on your own server or on your blog as well.

Step 3.

Creating your post in MS-Word

After the blog is registered you would see a MS-Word like interface as you can see in the picture below. Here you can enter the headline and create your post just as you would in WordPress.

Step 4.

Publishing your post

In the top left corner you will see the Publish button. There are two options ‘Publish as Draft’ or Publish as a Post’. If you want to store the post as a draft on your blog then you can choose the first option i.e. Draft or if your post in final and you wish to publish it on the blog then you can choose the other option i.e. Publish as Post.

Now you can publish your blog post right from MS-Word without any hassles.

If you are not comfortable doing this it is better that you use the WordPress dashboard only and if you have any issues with your WordPress installation then contact the web hosting service provider to assist you with your website.


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