How To Secure a Domain Name

December 11, 2010 / Domain and DNS

Finding the most suitable domain name for a business and registering it is a part of the general procedures. But what most individuals aren’t aware is about securing a domain name. One cannot simply sit back and relax, instead one should go a step further and secure your domain name as well.

The domain is your/business identity over the Internet, hence taking every measure to safeguard it must be a primary concern.

You can secure your domain name in few simple steps:

Step 1 : Go to a domain registration section of the website : Domain Checker. There you can find the charges you need to pay for registering your domain depending on the extension.

Step 2 : Once you have fixed upon the domain externsion, you can type the desired domain name in the empty box and select the extension i.e. .com,, .net, .org, .biz, .info etc. Hit the Lookup button. If it is already registered, you would get a notification saying “The entered domain name is already registered”. In that case, you may either try searching with a different extension or try a different domain name entirely and repeat the procedure until you get a notification saying “The domain is available”.

Step 3 : If you intend to get a hosting as well, click the link that says “[No Hosting! Click to Add]” Once in, you can choose the desired hosting package. Whereas if you don’t wish to order a hosting account, you can update your desired nameservers in the columns provided below.

Step 4 : Select the tenure for which you wish to register the domain. You have options starting from an year to a maximum of ten years based on the domain extension you choose. Then hit the “Order now” tab. On the same page below the domain name you have an option to select whether you want to make the domain private for making is more secure. Choosing the option of ID protection would hide your contact information from viewers. There is a per year change of £ 6 GBP incurred to keep the domain details hidden. Then hit the “Checkout” tab.

Step 5 : The domain gets registered under your name as soon as the payment is received. Once you update the DNS (Domain Name Servers) records your website would be ready to use within sometime.

You can even register multiple at a time. Simply follow the above procedure and hit the checkout button once all your desired domains are in the shopping cart.

If you are a user who has an active domain which is registered with Eukhost and wishes to have your details protected, you must send an email from your registered email address to billing[@] Once you make a payment of £ 6 GBP you too can activate the domain privacy settings.

All the domains are registered under ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Registry or Nominet – The UK Head Registry depending on the TLD’s you select which holds the governing and administrative rights and the details of the domains names and their IP addresses.

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