How to Transfer your Domain name at eukhost

August 29, 2023 / Domain and DNS

In this article, we will explain how to transfer your domain name at eukhost.

If you have an existing billing account with us then follow these steps:
Note: If you don’t have an account at eukhost then you need to create an account.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Domain” menu and search your domain.
  3. Scroll down your screen and click on “Transfer in a Domain.”
  4. Enter the “Domain Name” which you want to transfer with us and click on “Order Now”
    Enter Domain Name
  5. You need to give the “EPP KEY/ Authorisation Code”, which you have to obtain from your current registrar, and click on “Confirm”.
    EPP KEY/ Authorization Code
  6. Here, you need to add two “NameServers”, and click on “Continue.”
  7. Now review your order and, simply click the “Checkout” button.
    Chdeck out
  8. You will have many Payment options which include “Credit/Debit Card,” “PayPal Checkout,” “Paypal One Time Payment” or “Bank Transfer.”
    PaymentNote: After payment, it will take 7-10 days to transfer your domain name at eukhost.

In this way, you can transfer your domain name to If you wish to register a new domain with us, please read this article.

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