How to View Apache Status in WHM

October 1, 2021 / cPanel & WHM

In this article, you will find how to check or view Apache status in WHM. Before checking the status, let us know what is an Apache HTTP server and why to examine the status in WHM.

  1. The Apache HTTP Server is a software program that enables the system to run the websites on your VPS hosting.
  2. If you’re experiencing trouble with your website’s performance, you should examine the Apache Status.
  3. It could be anything from poor page loading times to a lack of connectivity.
  4. If you check the Apache Status, you’ll almost surely find a hint as to what’s wrong.

Now, let us see the status:

1. With your root account, log in to the WHM panel.

2. From the navigation menu, select the Server Status option.

3. Select Apache Status.

4. The system’s log file will appear. It will include most of the appropriate details about the server’s current status.

That’s it! You are successful in checking the Apache status in WHM. You can check the information to find any issues. And if you face any difficulty always feel free to contact our support experts 24×7.

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