How do you Manage DNS Records in Plesk

July 14, 2021 / Plesk

A domain name is a human-readable internet address for a website that may be used to access that website. The Domain Name System, or DNS for short, performs this conversion of human-readable names into machine-readable names. Otherwise, the functionality of your services may be impacted if your DNS settings are incorrect. Your domain, for example, may become inaccessible, or messages may fail to arrive at your mail server.

Plesk may manage your domains as either a primary (master) or a secondary (slave) name server. DNS settings are configured automatically, although they can be altered via the interface. It is possible to disable DNS service in Plesk if third-party name servers provide DNS service for your domains.

How to Add and Change DNS Records

Note:- If your DNS settings are configured wrong, it can affect the accessibility of your website and email.

1. Plesk automatically establishes a DNS zone for each new domain name following your service provider’s specifications. The domain names should operate fine with automatic configuration. However, if you use a Plesk NS server and wish to alter the domain name zone, you can do so from your control panel.

2. Go to Websites & Domains > DNS Settings to see the resource records in a domain’s DNS zone.


3. To add a resource record to the zone, go to Websites & Domains > DNS Settings > Add Record.

Websites & Domains

4. By heading to Websites & Domains > DNS Settings and clicking on the record, you can change the properties of a resource record.

5. There is a Start of Authority record in addition to the resource records stated above. It denotes that this DNS name server is in charge of a domain’s DNS zone. It also contains options that affect the Domain Name System’s delivery of information about DNS zones.

Using NS Servers from Outside

If you don’t want to use Plesk as your major (master) NS server but still want to host websites on your account, you can look into the following options:

•Plesk name server can be used as a secondary (slave) name server. This option is suitable for you if you have a standalone name server that acts as a primary (master) name server for your websites.

•In Plesk, you can easily disable DNS for your domain. This approach is ideal to use if you have external primary and secondary name servers that are authoritative for your websites.

1. By going to Websites & Domains > DNS Settings and clicking on Master/Slave, you can change the Plesk DNS server to a secondary name server.

2. Go to Websites & Domains > DNS Settings and select Master/Slave to revert the Plesk DNS server to the primary name server.

Websites & Domains

3. Hover over Websites & Domains > DNS Settings and click Disable to disable Plesk’s DNS service for a site serviced by external name servers.

Plesk's DNS

We hope that you now have a good understanding of How do you manage DNS records in Plesk. If you continue to have problems with the protocol outlined above, please contact the eukhost Team for constructive assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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