Installing ConfigServer ModSecurity Control (cmc) on Dedicated Server

February 11, 2012 / Dedicated Server

Usually, some of the open source applications may not function properly as the mod security is enabled on the server. It can be enabled or disabled in both the ways either via .htaccess or from WHM control panel. However, it is necessary to have ConfigServer ModSecurity Control (CMC) Plugin already installed in your WHM on the dedicated server.

The tutorial demonstrates Steps to Install ConfigServer ModSecurity Control (CMC) for your WHM:

Step 1: Log into your dedicated server via SSH using root login.

Step 2: Make sure you download the latest version of ConfigServer ModSecurity Control (CMC) from the following source:

Step 3: Untar the GZip’ed Tar format file with the following command:

tar -xzf cmc.tgz

Step 4: Now, change the directory to the extracted folder:

cd cmc/

Step 5: Simply execute the installer entering the following command:


Step 6: Once it is installed, you can log in to your WHM control panel and scroll to the bottom of the lefthand menu and there you will find the “ConfigServer Mod Security

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