How to Download and Install Joomla on Server

December 14, 2010 / cPanel & WHM

A major advantage of using a CMS is the ease of managing and maintaining resources. But, managing website content and resources with Joomla does not require any technical skills or knowledge as it is an open source content management system designed and developed in PHP with object-oriented. Programming (OOP) techniques and software design patterns, page caching, RSS feeds, News Flash, blogs, polls, search, and store data in a MySQL database with various features such as support for the language used to publish content. A powerful application framework allows developers to easily create add-ons.

It is really easy to get started with Joomla – 

  1. To download Joomla please visit Joomla’s official website in your internet browser and select Download Joomla.
  2. The file you download from the official Joomla website will be a zip file and you will need to uncompress it when you save it to your local machine.
    Uncompress that file on your local machine as it can be annoying on remote servers and many hosting providers have restrictions on uncompressing files.
  3. Make Sure your Remote server supports PHP 4.0 and above version, MySQL, and Apache.
  4. Use the FTP client program for transferring files.
  5. Enter the appropriate FTP host (eg, username and password to connect to.
  6. Click on Quick Connect and get ready to upload the Joomla folder but remember that you need to upload it to the public_html domain name directory.
  7. From left side tab right click on Joomla folder to Upload it.
  8. After some time the Joomla file will upload successfully. Double-click on Joomla files and folders and you will see the default Joomla files and folders.
  9. Open a browser to check if it has been uploaded and enter the default location of your installed Joomla files.

Note: Make sure you download and install the latest version of Joomla for security and feature updates.

These steps should be followed for a successful installation of Joomla over your server. When the cPanel control panel is in use, Joomla can be installed using Softaculous in cPane easily. This simplifies the Joomla installation process.

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